• Q: How many leads do you publish each week and what types?

    A: The total number of leads published fluctuates based on a variety of factors such as economic conditions, business cycles and even the workload at the courthouse. While we can’t promise a specific number of leads each week, Daily Court Review guarantees our customers that they will get all the business leads that are available as soon as they are available.

    A complete list of the leads we offer and how you can benefit from them can be found here.

  • Q: Do the leads include telephone numbers and email addresses?

    A: The Sales Tax Permit filings may include telephone numbers, though not all of them do. No other types of data include telephone numbers though they all contain some type of contact information. None of the data we offer includes Email or Website addresses.

  • Q: Does Daily Court Review carry information for the entire state of Texas?

    A: No. Daily Court Review focuses Southeast Texas. Our main area of concern is the Houston/Harris County area. The Constables Foreclosure edition carries information on foreclosed properties in the geographic area covered by the 8 precincts for constables service the Houston area.

  • Q: Do you have information on property owners who are behind on their tax and/or mortgage payments but not in foreclosure yet?

    A: Daily Court Review carries federal, state and materialmen’s liens. But we do not have data expressly focused on mortgage or property tax issues prior to foreclosure.

  • Q: Is the Constables’ Foreclosure data available in Excel spreadsheet format like the business leads?

    A: The Constables’ Foreclosure edition is currently available in print and in pdf form on the Daily Court Review Website.

  • Q: Do you provide instruction on how to purchase foreclosed properties at auction?

    A: We do not provide that information. However, each Constables’ Foreclosure edition includes contact information for law firms and Constable offices that can provide information on specific sales and auctions.

  • Q: Can I get Builder’s Permits leads?

    A: We are not offering Houston Builder’s Permits at this time, but we are offering Harris County Builder’s Contracts. Builder’s Contracts provide our customers with the owner’s and general contractor’s names and addresses. They also provide the dollar value of the project and when the data was filed.

  • Q: What if I need business leads that you are not providing?

    A: Please do not hesitate to let us know if there is data that your business needs that the Daily Court Review is not providing. If there is enough customer demand, we will do what we can to provide them.