No matter what industry you are in, we have the leads that you need to grow your business. Our no-hassle subscription gives you access to over 12 different leads. Below is a snapshot of the most popular leads we offer with details on how you can use them.

  • Sales Tax Permits and DBA's

    Sales Tax Permits (STP): A permit applied for by a business in order to sell a taxable product or service.

    Doing Business As (DBA): A document filed by an individual or organization establishing their intent to do business in the county under the assumed name declared on the document.

    Newly established companies need all types of products and services. With STPs and DBAs, you can focus on specific industries and use the listings to build a targeted list of prospects. These leads are the ideal starting point for successful direct mail and telemarketing campaigns.

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  • Federal and State Tax Liens (FTLs and STLs)

    Filed by the IRS to create a lien against any property the taxpayer might or does own in the county in which the lien is filed. The lien is created because the taxpayer did not pay any or all of their federal or state income tax.

    Individuals or companies that have become the object of a federal or state tax lien need help restoring their credit and will likely need legal and/or tax consulting. Additionally, these liens pose a threat to personal or business assets. Our tax lien leads are most useful for those in the credit industry as well as CPAs, attorneys, and financial institutions.

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  • Bankruptcy Court Filings

    Court filings of individuals or businesses that are filing for bankruptcy.

    Daily Court Review offers three bankruptcy filings: Chapter 7 (liquidation), Chapter 11 (creditor protection) and Chapter 13 (debt repayment over time).

    These leads are useful for a number of industries, including real estate investors, bankruptcy consultants, lawyers, accountants and banks offering debt consolidation.

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  • Warranty Deeds (WD)

    A deed where the grantor (seller) guarantees that he or she holds clear title to a piece of real estate and has the right to sell it to the grantee (buyer).

    These leads are indicators of real estate transactions and are extremely useful for businesses that offer services to new homeowners. For example, repair companies, contractors, painters, yard services, etc. use the information contained in these leads to create successful direct-mail campaigns that will put your company in front of new homeowners when they need you most.

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  • Building Permits and Contracts

    Building Permits: Permits for new construction or remodeling of existing structures. Permits include those issued for commercial and residential projects, as well as occupancy permits and new swimming pool permits.

    Builder’s Contracts: An agreement between two or more parties to perform construction work at the site location for the amount shown.

    These leads represent the single most useful collection of data for the local construction industry. We give you every relevant piece of information for these projects so you can hone in on the types that fit your products and services best.

    Focus on projects of a certain dollar value. Search the listings for general contractors you’ve worked with in the past. Target your search to specific geographical areas of town. The only way we could make this easier would be to make the phone calls for you ourselves!

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  • Abstracts of Judgment

    A copy or summary of a judgment that creates a lien on the judgment debtor’s non-exempt property.

    These listings provide critical information regarding creditworthiness. Banks and other lending institutions use this information to augment approval procedures and it represents one final layer of protection for lenders who want to avoid doing business with someone responsible for unsettled debts. Defendants in these listings represent potential new clients for CPAs and attorneys who specialize in accounting, litigation and lien settlement.

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  • Materialmen's & Mechanic's Liens

    A statutory lien that secures payment for labor or materials supplied in improving, repairing or maintaining real or personal property.

    These leads are extremely important as they can help you save money and protect your business. Think of the lien as an adverse account on a credit report – these filings represent specific incidences where customers do not pay for goods or services received. You can pay specific attention to these names to ensure your company doesn’t suffer from doing business with people who aren’t paying their bills!

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  • County Civil Court and Probate Court Filings

    This section is a goldmine for lawyers and real estate investors. The Daily Court Review publishes civil court cases from Harris County involving debt, injury due to motor vehicle, personal injury, tax, and other civil actions.

    Civil court filings: These filings are perfect for attorneys. Many defendants do not have legal counsel at this early part of the process. These each represent new potential business for you or your firm. Use these everyday to grow your business. Develop a direct mail campaign and offer your services to the defendants listed.

    Probate court filings: Use this information to contact executors directly as opposed to working through third parties who have been contracted to liquidate the estate.

    There are a number of industries that can benefit from probate court filings. For example, real estate investors, tax accountants, estate sales companies or estate liquidators, auctioneers and appraisers. Market your services to these executors and get the jump on the competition!

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